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Silver Bullet


Once it had failed to reach 10k supporters, so I'll try again :)

Big scale project called "Silver Bullet" made in Lego Digital Designer. To built the car over 2300 pieces were used.

The "Silver Bullet" was an inspiration of racing cars starting in GT3 and Le Mans racing series, but design was not the copy of any other already existing car.

Car features:
- Transversely mounted V12 engine with connected exhaust
- Up opening doors
- Back wheels suspension
- Front wheels steering system connected with steering wheel
- Regulating backrest of driver's seat
- Opening engine bay bonnet

I upload this car because having unique silver metallic colour with extraordinary design it has chance to make an interest of people and whole LEGO universe. I hope it will be the great success :)

Also to gallery I upload the Yellow Raider compared to Silver Bullet, to show differences of racing and street version, and of course I would like show to other colours versions (blue, dark red and violet) which I think you will like them too.

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