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Hulkbuster Ironman Armor inspired by Avengers: Age of Ultron


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Hulkbuster Ironman inspired by Avengers: Age of Ultron

Part Count: approx 420 pcs

Dims: 7.5in tall, 11in wide at full extension

Build/Rebuild time: approx 40 hours

Hello and Thank You for your interest in my Ironman creation in his Hulkbuster Armor. I have worked many hours building, tearing apart and rebuilding this model until I was told by my wife, "Its done! Don't change it anymore!" The build was first inspired by my son who bought the Ironman mini-figure at our local resell store. My son brought it home and then wanted him in a bigger suit so he was more adept to fight his Incredible Hulk. I went to the net looking for ideas for something that was a little more on Hulk's scale. What I found was the new trailer for the Avengers movie and in it was where this idea came from.

This is build 2.5 counting the first time that I put bricks together enough to get his chest built in such a way that Ironman can easily get in and out of his suit. I built and rebuilt his arms, legs, and hands until they consisted of the least amount of bricks possible and still remained locked together and sturdy enough for my 7yr old to handle and play with daily. Believe it or not the torso was the easy part of this build. Making his hands with their blue pieces in the palm took several hours over several nights to complete. I worked with bricks that we had here at home and left their decals as they came from other sets. I think they add nice detail although they don't fit the original theme. In the end I came to appreciate how they tied in nicely without having to make new stickers.

I really tried to capture as much detail as I could within the model to reflect what I saw in the trailer for the movie. The model has off color pieces because those were the parts we had available. When finished as I always do with the models I build for my son, I rendered it in Lego Digital Designer. At first i built it with the color scheme that the suit carries within the movie, but it's detail didn't carry over. Using all one color of red and gold pieces in the all the places the original has them left this looking pretty lifeless and very pristine, almost untouched and never having seen any action. So I changed my digital rendering to include the colors I built my model with. Of course I'm biased, but I think they definitely bring more character to the model.

One of the my main criteria when building anything for my son is that it must be able to take a beating while I'm at work and he is playing with it before or after school and not just crumble the first time he picks it up. If anything were to fall off it must be easy for me to figure out where it went and how it is attached, if he found all the pieces, etc. This model is extremely posable, with articulation everywhere you expect to have in an 8 foot robotic suit and will stand on most any surface whether its carpet or glass. It also holds its positioning well so the possibilities for its pictures were endless. I could only handle cleaning up the background of these pictures you see here as I was so excited to be able to post it as soon as possible.

I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking, but I want to THANK YOU again for checking it out and please vote this one in, I think many many people would love to have something so accurate to scale and as close as our LEGO bricks will allow us to get to the original. It would be an honor for this project to be approved and someday be part of the LEGO Ultimate Collector's Series. 

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