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Cargo Vans


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Hello! This is a joint project between myself and LegoBricker.

We introduce the Cargo Vans. This set contains three assorted cargo vans. All of the vans has there own unique look and features. The blue and white one in the middle are built on the same base with different features. The blue one has a more edgy front end with a dark grey interior and all around black privacy windows. The middle white one has an edgy yet sloped style front end with black interior and is based on a panel van. The other white one has a boxy front end with black interior and a panel van design. All vans feature door handles and mirrors. The total number of bricks in this set is 454. This model would sell in the $30 to $40 US currency range.


Thank you all for supporting, it is much appreciated by myself and LegoBricker.

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