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LEGO Oogles the One Eyed People


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LEGO Oogles the One Eyed People is my answer to a need for young people to enter into the World of Building with LEGO! It's a simple set that comes in polybags, that doesn't contain many pieces so it has an ease of building! The "figures" are cute and easy to put together, They have one eye and one hand. Some have hair, caps and some can even wear existing LEGO head ware! None will have the same color "head" there is a rainbow out there of LEGO Bricks! Each will have their own environment! Once more with very little pieces! This started out as a project for MOCpages and some wished me luck in submitting this to LEGO IDEAS! I think you'll agree they belong to the LEGO Family of sets! The fact they will not come out as multiple number of pieces sets will keep costs down and they make a great impulse buy! And now that LEGO has done closed eyes they can be added as well! 

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