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Family Vignette


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Hello LEGO Fans!

This is my LEGO project, I hope you find it fun and entertaining.

The LEGO Family Vignette Set.

This set lets you create your very own LEGO family vignette that you can display anywhere. 

Whats a Vignette? 

  • A LEGO Vignette shows a little scene or a moment in time  

This small creator set will have 3 different instructions for the back wall.

  1. fireplace scene
  2.  2 windows combined on left side of wall
  3. 1 window on left and 1 window on right
  4. Don't let that stop you from using your imagination when creating that perfect scene. Add your own LEGO to the mix to make something amazing.

The set will come with 2 minifigs, Each minifig will have 4 different heads and 3 different hairstyles to choose from.  They will also come with an assortment of accessories so they can act out a fun scene for you to enjoy. The set will also include one cat and one dog

But Wait!

Don't stop with just the 2 minifigs. As your family grows you can add them to the set. The set will come with extra tile and plate pieces so you can expand your family when you want to. Have you found that perfect minifg that best represents your personality? Just add them to this set to make it even more fun and enjoyable. 

This set is perfect for when you want something different on your bookshelf or desk at work. Just create your family and I am sure it will bring a smile to your face every time you look at it.

Thank you for checking out my project. You can find more of my builds on my Blog.

Please support my project.

Jeffrey Allen Tom

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