Product Idea

Fairground Swing Boat

Fairground Swing Boat

Ooh, the jar and the reeling. The children are laughing, all excited.

From a distance I can hear the music playing.

I am looking forward to it. Each time my friends are around and we meet. We always have such a lot of fun.

There are numerous lights shining in different colours. A man, all dressed in dark clothes, is spewing forth fire from his mouth.

This is so thrilling. And there is such a lot to see.

The fair at our place!

The swing boat is THE attraction for me. Not too high, not too fast, but still adventurous.

Adults also love to ride the swing boat. You need to apply yourself and this is fun. It makes you feel a nice prickle in your stomach. And you enjoy all of it. You see the sky and the people standing on the ground. Again and again.

But first I need to go and get me some candy floss. Oh boy, this booth is stunning. Such colossal candy creations. And these gingerbread hearts! I'd love to just buy it all.

I can watch how the candy floss is made. They produce incredibly thin sugar threads in a bowl which they stir around and around to form a huge cotton ball.

I personally love the orange candy cotton. And this is exactly what I got. Mmh, yummy!

But now, it's high time to go to the swing boat. Gosh, such a lot of people, I need to get a ticket at once. There he is, the ticket seller in his colourful clothes shouting „Tickets, buy your tickets here“ all the time.

Uh-oh. This little boy has obviously got going too fast and now he is feeling uneasy. His parents are looking worried. Phew, now he is beaming again because the man in the colourful tailcoat has just slowed down his boat with this brake mechanism.

Look at the cool girl in the boat next to him. She is going at the top of her speed. Will she succeed in doing a loop?

Yay, it's my turn!

First, the man helps me pushing my boat. And then I realise how easy it is. I want to swing higher and higher, to swing until tomorrow morning. Up and down. But all of a sudden there is this „scrub, scub, scrub“-sound. My boat is being slowed down. Standstill. Okay, I' m getting off.

Quick. Let's go again before it is getting completely dark. Ah, look at these lights. They are shining so brightly …

Target Group:

This set is suitable for both children and adults.

You can use it for creating a fairground setting or for complementing LEGO sets like for example LEGO 10224 „Fairground Mixer“. You can also fit it in LEGO themes like „City“ or in series like „LEGO Creator Expert Modular Building series“.

The Idea:

Swing boats were one of the earliest fairground rides. It is amazing that they are still popular today. You can see swing boats and enormous high-tech, machine-driven rides side by side on fairgrounds.

The idea is to offer a swing boat which the user can fully handle without any electronic device. You move and stop the boats like in a real swing boat. And it is nice to see that you can have a lot of fun with a mechanic device where the input is your own power.

Besides, you can play the boats with one or two Minifigures at a time.

Playability and Hands-on Fun:

The hands-on fun for children lies in the playability of the set:

Due to the optimal mounting and rope incline it is possible to keep the boats swinging for a long time. You can set the boats in motion by pushing the mounting and you can reduce speed or stop the boats by pressing the brake rigging down like a real brakeman would do it. And you will even produce the same “scrub, scrub, scrub”-sound.

The set offers young and adult LEGO fans the possibility of creating a multi-faceted, detailed diorama.

The Set consists of:

the swing boat:

the boats can be fixed in different positions;

two easy to build brakes, operated by brake riggings, are placed in the raised platform;

two of the included Minifigures show different facial expressions; depending on the side you fit the head in the body, both mother and child may show pleasure or fear; thus you can enrich the thrilling situations you have set up with typical emotions; you can also exchange the legs and turn children into adults;

the sweets-selling booth:

the detailed booth displays innovations such as a gingerbread heart and a candy floss mixer which is reminiscent of a classic kitchen machine;

the fire-breather:

the fire-breather is a fascinating attraction you can see both on medieval and on up-to-date fairgrounds;

and a few other Minifigures:

such as a ticket seller, a brakeman and visitors.