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Motorized AT-TE


Re-enact the battles of the Republic with the Motorized AT-TE! This model I have made is able to move forward and backward via a crank and drive shaft at the back. It uses a triangular placement of three of the feet, (The middle on one side and front and back on the other) to drive it forward, while the other three lift up and place themselves for the next step it takes. The tank is a little hard to move, but I hope to solve this problem by putting a Lego Power Functions motor inside in place of the crank. There is a place for a clone trooper to sit up top, and the shell is as accurate as I could make it without inhibiting the movement of the legs. Sorry about the color, I didn't have enough of red and gray. Please support and share and maybe this wonderful little model will make it to the shelves one day!