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Thunderbirds Zero X


Thunderbirds Zero X star ship, which was designed by their space program to travel too Mars at right at 2997 pieces.

I think Gerry Anderson's vision was nothing short of genius and why the Thunderbirds have endured via the test of time. As this was created over 50 years ago way before I was even born. A wise person once said that a truly great Idea or work lives on long passed that creator's own life. As Gerry passed on back in 2012 and certainly this is the case with all him and his entire team that created the Thunderbirds. And their combined vision will live on long way beyond their own lifetimes and already are indeed.

The Zero X consists of 5 seperate parts, which assemble at the airport assembly line style.

1, Main fuselauge and rear cockpit which remains in orbit around Mars. 

2. Both remote controlled wings 1 and 2 which jetison as the Zero X leaves Earth's orbit. Note both wings are completely different and the front one has hinged wings which double as landing gear, and note the rear landing gear on the back wing lines up exactly on the ground with wing number One's front landing gear.

3.The heat shield also jetisons and safely returns to Earth once The Zero X leaves Earth's orbit.

4. The front cockpit which houses five crew members, which also doubles as a Mars recon vehicle. Once on the surface of Mars, the crew runs into a unique species of rock aliens, truly entertaining movie! There is also two more crew members in the rear fuselauge which would reamain in orbit around Mars, see last picture number 20.

If you like this design thanks for vote, and check out my other Thunderbird designs and more too come!

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