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Snow Covered Tree


Snow Covered Tree

                  The Snow Covered Tree is a very basic product ( is not a product yet unless you support!!!!) that I have created. It does not take very long to do if you follow the instructions correctly. If a person is a beginner builder, this would be a good product for that person. Maybe someone is just looking for an easy LEGO product to make, this would be a great product for them. Do not fear, I've already said this but, the Snow Covered Tree is very easy to make.


About the Minifigure

              The minifigure in this kit is a child wearing a sweater (it's Winter!!!!!!!!). He is also wearing a Winter hat to keep his head warm. If you cannot see his face, he has freckles and brown eyebrows. If you think I should dress him differently please don't be shy, comment on it and tell me what I should do to him. If there are any other questions just ask by using the comment section.

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