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Daði Freyr LEGO Art

This mosaic combines our love for LEGO, Art and music!

Since Eurovision contest 2020/2021 Daði Freyr is the rising star from Iceland with his electronic music. Among his fans are many creative people that also build LEGO. Daði himself confessed in an interview with Nikkie de Jager (know from NikkieTutorials on YouTube) that he is also a big fan of LEGO!

Daði's music, dance moves, outfits and videoclips are always very creative and original, which makes Daði a perfect match for LEGO.
Which Daði-fan does not want this beautiful piece of art on the wall?

This mosaic is slightly smaller than the sets in the LEGO Art series, but uses exactly the same system of 16x16 technic bricks. With 6 instead of 9 of these, this set will be more affordable than the LEGO Art sets.