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Moana's Epic Ocean Adventure


Three thousand years ago, the Pacific Ocean was full of explorers finding new islands. However, those quests eventually stopped, but nobody knows why.

Now, Moana sets sail to continue her ancestor's quest across the Pacific Ocean.

Moana is joined by Maui, a demigod and shapeshifter of South Pacific legend, and her companions, Pua and Hei Hei.

Together the four will adventure on a daring mission around the Pacific to finish her ancestor's discovery that started nearly three thousand years ago. The ocean now belongs to Moana. The only question is, what will they encounter along the way?

67 Pieces + Stickers (to be designed by LEGO team for sail. (Further designing will be necessary to show the details of both Moana and Maui. Maui will need his various tattoos included because they are a major part of the story. Moana's red top and white skirt bottom will also need more detail. Her companions, Pua and Hei Hei will need some minor details added.) Other areas of the set include an ocean mountain side with flowers and two palm trees on the beach.

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