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Sprint Car 1


This is the first car of a series of sprint cars. These cars are designed accurately, and they have great details. They are all sturdy, I did a 2-foot drop test on carpet, and it didn't break.

Sprint cars are fast, dirt racing, race cars. They have 950 horsepower, and they can get up to 190 mph. That's crazy fast!

 built this because I went to a sprint car race once, and I will never forget it. It was so much fun! Ever since then, I have loved sprint cars, and I want other people who like sprint cars to enjoy this one, and more. By the way, the rest will be up on LEGO ideas soon, my projects are on draft as of February 15th. This includes:

  • a white, blue, and red sprint car
  • 1 minifigure
  • one driver with a hat and a helmet
  • two first place trophies
  • lifting roof(look above at pictures)
  • easy to open doors(look above at pictures)
  • detailed car
  • detailed podium for white, blue, and red sprint car

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