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Diving Beetle


I have created a lego diving beetle because I am interested in animals, particularly in small animals that live in forests or near lakes, streams, rivers and the sea.

The yellow things on the back are the beetle's strong hind legs. Detachable wings are included  (as shown in the picture). The lego man is not included he is only there to illustrate the size of the beetle. The small diving beetle larvae is included.

I think that it would be a good idea to produce my diving beetle because not many people have seen it up close in nature and perhaps it may get people to go out and experience nature for themselves.


Habitat: Lakes and streams in Europe and Northern Asia

Length: 27-32 mm

Number of eggs: 200

Time as pupa: 1-2 weeks

Length of larvae: Up to 60 mm

There are many different types of diving beetles.  However, most of them are very tiny. There are around 4000 species spread across 160 genera. They eat worms, small fish, insect larvae, tadpoles, small frogs and snails. The diving beetle can also fly in extreme circumstances.