Product Idea

Tesla Roadster 2020

A LEGO Recreation of Tesla Roadster 2020 with openable doors, moving rear flap and futuristic interior with seats and removable roof. This is an electric supercar manufactured by Tesla Motors presented in 2017 by Elon Musk in Tesla Semi, planned for comercialization in 2020, it will be the first production car that preform 0-100 km/h in 1.9 seconds ,autonomy of 1000 km and can go quarter of mile in 8.9 seconds, was equiped with two electric engines that provides total traction, the roof can be removed and saved in trunk to transform in a roadster. I Built it because is a great electric car, and futuristic design, this can be a great Tesla Car Set, LEGO never has produced a Tesla Set and this is a great option.