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Aparment Complex


Lego lovers,

Thanks for viewing my creation. Please vote on my project! Your vote makes me one step closer to 10,000! This Apartment Complex contains,

  • 4 rooms,
  • kitchen in each,
  • eight beds, 
  • top two apartments have a porch,
  • the bottom right apartment has a TV,
  • the bottom left apartment has a bunk bed,
  • two floors,

The back of this apartment has no walls so you can stick your little lego figures in easily. What really inspired me to make this was when I would play with my legos I never had a place where the small families could live, so then I made this. It is pretty up to date with the latest styles in apartments. There are not many apartments in stores and I think there should be, so once again please vote, and post comments on what you like or what you think I should add or change. Thanks so much for your support!


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