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Lego Pie Shop


Hey guys, today I have built a creation I have been building for four days. This project is medium sized but once completely built it looks great. It may take like up to 10-15 minutes but it's worth it. This inspired me to keep building the set because I wanted to try something new Lego hasn't made before. Which is a Lego Pie Shop. I think it's just a great set to have because it's just for kids to mess around with and to have fun. There are 6 lego figures included in this set there are two workers, three customers, and one chef.

I encourage you to get this lego product because I think it's a great set to have for kids to mess around with and to have fun. Who doesn't like pie? Also, I even named the characters... weird, right? The sunglasses guys name is Danny, the freckled one is Johnny, and the short boys name is Chris. I'm just saying this seems like a great thing to have. Please support this idea and have fun building!

There are 481 pieces to this set and theres also a 42x42 base plate included with the set. 

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