Product Idea

Penguin Fort

This Project is about a 'Top Secret' Penguin research laboratory HQ, I have made this in LDD, and due to some errors, it may have a few errors.

In this base I have a:

  • Supercomputer, composed of many screens
  • Processing core that double ups as a power generator
  • Armoury racks
  • Towers
  • Walls
  • ...And a penguin, with a HUGE 'stick'

I believe this would be a good set because it s different to many sets I have seen, what i plan to do is make 2-3 more sets to 'fit in' with this set, maybe even making a battle of some sort like the Lego Star Wars Series, but about Penguins. <-- :D

I have designed this base to have a sense of purpose, to repel invaders, and protect the inhabitants, though the in habitants will be defending the Fort as well, I have designed towers, but am overall not sure how to get in there, and suggestions are welcome, as I have never used LDD before, and it seems quite clunky to me.