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Combination Lock Box


This is my creation of a combination lock connected to a drawer, I call it a combination lock box. I was wondering how a combination lock worked, so I decided that it would be good to build a lego version so I could understand better. Later, after it was all built I thought that it would be a great future lego set.

My model has a working 3-stage combination lock with unlock lever and sliding drawer. I put the code for opening the box on top in 2x2 lego tiles, but they don't have to be included. To open the box, you spin the dial to the right 2 rotations then continue until red is at the top, then rotate left past red, to yellow, rotate right to blue, push down on the lever, and pull the drawer out.

I looked at this website to help me get started. I looked at legolover2119's Lego safe (that expired) after I completely made mine.

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