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Air Warship


What do you get if you combine classic ships and modern airballoons..


That's what i thought when i started this project, It combines the ''modern'' zeppelin's with an 17th century warship, 
All the way bellow you can find enough storage to stay it the air for months, 
It's fully equipped with 12 high-end guns (6 on each side), and a big swivel-gun which can turn 360 degrees so there wont be a target that can't be hit with this.
and offcourse, there's also enough to do on the maindeck, de cabinboy is sweeping the decks, one of the crewmembers is repairing one of the canons that was damaged during an recent battle.
And offcourse, there are the Duke and Duchess who 're the special passengers on this air-voyage.
On this maindeck you can also find a passage to an small strategy/course room.

Upstairs there's the old wheel from this ship and acces the the captains quarters.
Above the captain's quarters you can find the helm that is connected to the balloon.

This set contains 3592 bricks, this includes 6 minifigures and an 1000 brick counting balloon, and if this goes in production this could be made out of 2 big pieces or made out of some strong cloth.

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