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Mystery Box


Welcome Lego Members, to my first project. I introduce you to my creation, the Mystery Box! The Mystery Box has a lid that fits in perfectly in the box. The lid is a garden and when you lift the lid, you will see an office. The Mystery Box is also used for storing small sweets inside. On the lid there is a handel where you can lift the lid from. It is built to help people find this to decorate with and store some items. It would make a great set because it helps people who have lots of stuff storing them. Hopefully you will really find this useful, fun to play with and having fun building. In this set there are 6 mini figures that are designed by me. There are some recycling stickers to stick on the sides. This is the Mystery Box! Hopefully you will like my project and support it! This is all designed by me and is not based on a product or a TV show.


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