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Abyss Explorer


Look at this cute but strong iron submarine!

If you could see this LEGO model on your hand, you would feel it's designed tight and streamlined like a real submarine. Probably, someone would associate this model with a crustacean due to the compact appearance. I was happy while making this submarine because most parts fitted the others well. I was very amazed for LEGO parts to be perfectly assembled into many different shapes though my idea is not a square-shaped model.

Absolutely, in spite of this cute shape, it has also a simple but sure function. In the body of this vehicle, a gear train is equipped with making the periscope revolve. And the hatch door on the top is opened. Interestingly, this model can be easily separated into three parts, the body, the top and the gear train. 

I think collectively this model is simple and easy to make but functional and enjoyable to play with. Thank you for watching my build!






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