Product Idea

Shark Tank

Hello, Sharks! I'm 101DALEK, and I'm seeking 10,000 supporters in 365 days. My idea is-

Wait. I'm not actually on Shark Tank! Anyway, my idea is Lego Shark Tank. Shark Tank is a TV Show on ABC where entrepreneurs try to get multi-millionaires to invest in their company. The set includes the entrance to the tank, a real shark tank in the entrance hallway, a mosaic-style carpet, the Sharks (The Millionaires) with their chairs, the entrepreneurs and their idea, and finally, background decorations. The set is 917 pieces, and took forever and 2 months to build. (Look at my comment to understand that-

Meet the Entrepreneurs

Ella Johnson and her son, Sammy Johnson, are the founders of company Sailboat Shirts. Their logo is displayed on the screen behind their product. Sailboat Shirts is a clothing company that makes garments that fit anybody, even if their a kid, or an adult.

When I though of my idea for the company, I wanted to do something ironic, and that's how Sailboat Shirts is. Since every single minifigure has the same torso (Well, not printing-wise), it's kind of funny how the Johnson's would've just thought of it.

I included every Shark, but since there are only 5 chairs in the tank, the minifigures can be switched out. In the pictures, I left Barbara out mostly, but she can always be changed out with somebody else.

So- who's going to make a deal with Ella and Sammy? Will it be Mark, with lots of licensing coming? Will it be Lori, with Sailboat Shirts on QVC? Will it be Barbara, and have the Johnson's join Barbara's All-Stars? Will it be Mr. Wonderful, so he can try to make money? Will it be Robert, just for the fun of it? Or will it be Daymond, the fashion master? That all depends on you.

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