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Fire vs Water


This is a showdown between the two elements: Fire and Water. They battle in the sewers beneath futuristic New York City, both trying to extinguish the other. Who will win? Will it be boiling hot flame? Or will it be icy wet water? The project includes two separate platforms, one fire, one water, with an attaching mechanic. The Fire platform includes various fires scattered all over and a bendable/rotatable flame-spewing machine as the main flame weapon. The Water platform includes many different puddles and drops of water, and it also includes a rotatable/bendable water cannon as the main water weapon. The Minifigures include a Fire Soldier with a stud-shooter that shoots fire, and a Water Warrior with a stud-shooter that shoots water.

This would be a pretty good and small set to purchase because it would be inexpensive yet it still would look pretty good. I think that for either play or display, this set would be good. For play, you can rotate the machines and pose them in a fighting position to fight the other, and you can use the figures to shoot each other with the guns. For display, you can just set up the figures in a fighting position and display it wherever you wish. Please support and share, for that will be greatly appreciated. Goodbye for now, and great luck to you all on your endeavors!

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