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Bond Bug


You never heard about this car?

The idea was very simple: make the famous "Top Gear" Reliant Robin cooler.

Without joking, this car was really produced. 

And yes, it is tangerine ...


Here's the full story of my model ... :



The idea of the Bond Bug was to produce a car for the masses, with a futuristic design. Its concurrent was the Austin Mini. Designed by Tom Karen (Ogle Design), it was produced more than 2000 times between 1970 and 1974. The little 4 cylinder was a cracker (faster accelerating than the mini), but the price not (more than the mini). That’s why production was stopped in '74.

My Lego Creation


  • An Opening & Fitting Canopy
  • A Detailled Interior, Exterior & Underneath, directly inspired by the real car
  • A big smile :-)

More here:

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