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Garden Center



One of the often underappreciated varieties of shops in a community is the garden center. Built on a much reduced scale to a full-blown nursery, this set seeks to represent a generic garden store/florist. Featuring a variety of small plants and garden decor set in bright environment with lots of natural light (so many windows), this little store invites all minifigures with a passion for urban farming to utilize their green thumb.


This building is compatible with the existing modular series. The shop sprawls horizontally, lacking an upper story in exchange for a broader and more open floor plan (also attempting to keep the piece count lower!). A variety of plants are displayed both on shelves and in large floor planters.

Architectural Highlights

To add an interesting look to the facade, the walls around the door curve inward, adding emphasis to the large display windows on each of the ends. The building's corner is also curved in a similar aesthetic style, with small awnings covering the sidewalk in front of the windows. Three included streetlamps also feature hanging flower baskets to spice up the street corner.

About the Project

Having several older LDD projects left over from a few years ago, I figured what better way to put my work to use than throw it up here and see what folks think of it. Using components from those projects, I put together this little shop. Working with curved structures is a trick in LDD; ensuring symmetry while also aligning each end of a wall segment to the stud grid so that it might be connected securely to the rest of the structure. The widow segments which feature this technique (the corner window and the door frame) are built primarily in a modular manner so that they might be used as an interchangeable part like any prefabricated Lego component.

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