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Old Lighthouse / Alter Leuchtturm

An old Lighthouse with a working light. There is no inside because I needed the space for the lights and batteries and I decided that it plays in our times so it might be automated. This is one of the first Lego Sets I built as an adult. I created it because I moved out and I wanted something that makes me smile when I feel alone. And it still does.
The Set consists of a Lighthouse, a Tower, a submarine, a seaman drying his laundry and a small boat.
I didn't create the seagull it is from an old lego set. 
I wanted it all to look very colorful and old style stud(y) creatorlike, therefore I didn't use much tiles in this. I like that the Tower isn't round at all. It all is supposed to look like they set the whole thing on top of a massive rock in the sea. You can even see a storm damaged window on one side of the house.
Everyone loves Lighthouses, so I guess who doesn't want to have one at home?