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The Heron


Constructed with the latest in interstellar spacefaring technology and the soul of old-fashioned starship design, the Heron aims to recapture the mid-to-late 20th century spirit of space adventure.

The Heron sports a sleek, minimally frilled exterior that places emphasis on both efficiency and functionality above all else while still maintaining the aesthetic to wow any fellow interstellar travelers.  While capable of traveling at up to 75g, its speed is only outmatched by its maneuverability; able to make full-speed 180 degree reversals in under 2 seconds, the Heron is one of the most maneuverable starships ever created. Complete with faster-than-light capabilities, the Heron is the perfect choice for individual interstellar travel.

Built in minifig scale for maximum playability!

Comes with retractable landing skids for display purposes.


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