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Scraramid is an iterative Lego set inspired by the intricate tombs of the ancient Egyptians. Use the hunting ball to navigate the dark stairs and passageways in search of the treasured chambers, occasionally glimpsing daylight as you navigate all ten levels through your minds eye. Find the key keepers stairway to escape this dark maze via the keepers door with all six precious treasure balls. 

Place six treasure balls into each of the six doors to load Scaramid and begin the puzzle.
By turning the sun stone the doors will close and the treasure balls will be hidden deep in the pyramid. Control and navigate the concealed routes through the maze by tilting the completed set on the simple gimbal system mounted below. 

Discover every passageway, staircase and rich treasured tombs as you construct Scaramid layer by layer whilst paying close attention to the build of mechanized components that adds another challenge to this architecturally puzzling Lego set.

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