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Mayor's Office Robbery


My set, the mayor’s office robbery, has two buildings: the mayor’s office (two floors) and the police station (two floors). It also includes many accessories (listed below).

  1. Three gold ingots
  2. One Lego dollar
  3. Green Goblet
  4. White mug
  5.  One handcuff
  6. One LEGO NEWS
  7. Golf club
  8. Briefcase
  9. Gold crate

It also features five mini-figures: the robber, male police officer, female police officer, the mayor, and the mayor’s secretary. It also has two vehicles, a motorcycle, and a police officer’s ATV. Now, let me tell you about the inside of each building. The police station is first. At the bottom it has a jail. There is a sink, a bed, and one window. The second floor has a desk with a computer. It has two round seats. The first is next to the computer, and the other is next to the window.

The mayor’s office: The first floor has a coffee maker, a rug on the floor, a desk for the secretary, and it has a golf club on the wall. On the second floor it has the mayor’s desk, and the gold crate ( I suggest you put the gold ingots in there!) and that’s it folks! In addition, there is a road.