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Spider-man Skyline Enemies


Welcome to the Spider-man Skyline Enemies project.

Spider-man has made a lot of enemies in all his years of fighting crime. Some of them are real threats and some of them are somewhat silly, but they are always beautifully designed in the comics and a feast for the eye.

A lot of people out there love Spidey and like to see more villains for the wallcrawler, so i decided to make some in this project. 

The project contains three buildings (their top layers) and are connected with a skyscraper (New Yorkish) background to get that big city feel. I tried to give each building a sort of unique character, but also not too much colour so the minifigures will get the most attention. There are various spots where Spidey can puts his feet on a wall for wallcrawling.

The figures in this project are: Spider-man, Boomerang, Scorpion, Spot, Spider-slayer, Prowler, Tarantula and Hobgoblin.

I hope you like it, and thanks for your attention!

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