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Express Vans


Hello fellow Ideas members. This next project is one with LegoBricker. His is the short passenger blue with Georgia Express written on the front tag and also on the back tag. Mine is the long red with Georgia on top and Georgia Dawgs on bottom on the front and back tags. Both vans have the yellow Chevy symbol in the rims and on the grille. They also have the classic Chevy front end look with clear headlights and orange turn signals. On the rear of the vans is the Chevy reverse lights and brake lights on each rear end corner. The mirrors on the blue van are black and the mirrors on the red van are light grey. Both vans come equipped with very detailed interiors and bench seats. Both vans can sit a lot of mini figures comfortably. The roofs on each van are also flat tiled. Another great feature about these vans is the door handles on both sides. They also come equipped with sport wheels.

Big shout out to LoneCoyote for rendering this project.