Product Idea

The Green Bounty

This is the Green Bounty. She is made to transport the ninja and their vehicles (images 3 + 4): earth tank, lightning bike, fire and water boats/planes and the ice mech. I built this all digitally to make a giant ship to carry the ninja and their vehicles in their adventures together to protect ninjago. I hope you like her! I may add the digital files later to my bricklink account.

Functions- 5 canons that can turn! (total 24 bullets per round!)(ouch), opening hatches, storage for weapons and 6 free turning wheels! The functions on the seperate vehicles are: the tank has a opening hatch, The cockpits of the boat/planes (you guys think of a name for it) can open, The mech is unfoldable to let the minifigure out and the mech has a canon hand! This model consists of 2268 bricks total and the seperate vehicles are total to 376 pieces.

Please comment on your opinion of the model and what I could improve on it! Also, please do look at the updates as I will update it frequently! You can ask for more specific close ups of the model,  I will try to do my best. I am planning on doing a new version of this if it expires, which is more detailed and will be a bit smaller and an affordable size with smaller sub vehicles.


Many thanks,