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The Helicarrier

After the very successful marvel movie "The Avengers" the Helicarrier has became one of the most iconic and well known vehicles in all of marvel comics, so here I present to you the Medium scale Helicarrier!

Here is a view of all angles excluding a birds eye view. I may add a few fighters jets to put on the run way.

Mini figures include Iron man mark 6 with hair for Tony Stark, Avengers version of Nick Fury and Bruce Banner with tan pants and grey top (may change to purple top.)
I would would value this at 5 US dollars and 5 Australian dollars.

Finally a birds eye view of the Helicarrier.

I will add the S.H.I.E.L.D logo on the runway once I get hulks Helicarrier breakout. Also the turbines/engines on the sides spin 360 degrees.

Alternate mini figures: Agent Coulson, Hawkeye, Thor, S.H.E.I.L.D agent, Maria hill, The Hulk (definite figure), Black widow. Minifigures will vary.

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