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The Lego City Mall

Want a new set of clothes? How about a new hat? Find all that and more here at the 2,183 Lego City Mall!
There are hats, wigs, clothes, jewelry, food, and more!
Time to go shopping with 21 other mini figures in this Lego mall!
Tired of shopping? Relax on the top deck with a cool drink and a snack!
There are six stories of merchandise to explore in this mall which can also connect to other buildings.
The grocery store has pie, turkey, apples, and more.
The music store sells guitars, a piano, and a drum set.
Different kinds of shirts and pants are available at the clothes store.
Various wigs are for sail at the wigs store, and seventeen different hats are in the hat store. 
This mall is packed with lots of different kinds of merchandise!