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Ticket to Ride - Railway

Ticket to Ride is one of my favorites board games. Perfect to play with friends and family. Beyond the good mechanics, it also has an amazing artwork, that involves different types of wagons for each card color and some very peculiar characters. Thats the reason that I decided to build my own creation of some wagons, the gold locomotive and the characters. I considered the original version of ticket to ride for the models and some components of 10th anniversary edition (that I don't have it but I would like to).

Model Information:
Locomotive - 401 pcs
Red Wagon - 440 pcs
Green Wagon - 444 pcs
Blue Wagon - 410 pcs
Orange Wagon - 480 pcs - ** My Favorite - S2 **
Black Wagon - 139 pcs
10 custom Ticket to Ride's characters minifigures

If you like railways, or if you are a Ticket to Ride player, or even if you just liked the model, please support it! =]

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