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One-Room Schoolhouse



Why this one-room schoolhouse should be a set

First of all, who wouldn't want their own school for their Lego minifigures to learn in? This schoolhouse can fit in anyone's Lego town! Lego fans can have a lot of fun teaching their minifigures Lego history! 

What the set includes

This Lego set would include four Lego minifigure children and a teacher, a potbelly stove to keep everyone warm during the winter, four books and slates, a globe, a bell for the teacher, a clock, desks, an apple for the teacher, a chalkboard, pictures, oil lamps, and a coat rack.


The potbelly stove can open up for wood to go in, the windows and door can open up, and the wall can swing out. The roof can only go on when the wall is closed.

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