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Lego Nightstand


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Authentic Lego nightstand, which stands 26 inches tall, 10.5 inches wide,and 13 inches long. The nightstand is 100 percent Lego with 3 opening draws. It contains around 2700 bricks if the Lego company would build it, which is actually not a lot of bricks, but produces an impressive and exciting piece. My weight is 130 pounds and I am able to sit on it, without breaking it, which demonstrates the sturdiness of the piece. I think it would make a great lego set. It would also give the Lego company a great opportunity for sales because there are many people out there who love to build, but don't know how to make amazing creations beyond small buildings without directions. It will also give the company an opportunity to start a furniture line. The possibilities of integrating Lego into real life pieces is a compelling idea for both children and adults. I think people would love to have things that are useful which are additionally made from lego without paying the price tag of a custom build by a lego artist. I want to know what you guys think in the comments below and to rate it. I hope to be seeing this produced as a set or something similar!  

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