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Little Car


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Here's a little car I made.  It is a very complexly and quintessentially designed Lego model, which I strongly believe should become a set.  When I made it, I started by building an original model with random pieces I found in a bucket.  After finishing the "first draft" so to speak, I recreated the model on Ldd (Lego Digital Designer), perfecting the model and making some slight changes and modifications.
I have built this beautiful car because I think y'all should have the chance to see how incredibly awesome it is and the world is really missing out on great creations such as these.  I based this "little car" off of a Pontiac Aztec I saw driving around the road.  The moment I saw it I was mystified and inspired.  This Lego model reflects my love of cars and Legos all around.  In short, I hope that you all love this "little car" as much as I do and please help me get to 10,000 followers!