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The Rocket

🌍 The years 2020 and 2021 have been disrupted by the crisis. We have often had to stay at home for a long time, in confinement... In these difficult times, who doesn't dream of escaping from this world to find a little bit of freedom?

🚀 For that, there's nothing like having a slightly retro rocket in your garage. Grandpa's rocket.


I am delighted to present this small LEGO set. But this small object has the potential to make us dream big, I'm sure. 

This rocket is inspired by the retro-futuristic space imaginary. At a time when spacecrafts look more and more like medical laboratories, I thought it was appropriate to summon nostalgia and poetry in this object. What did rockets look like in our old comic books? How did we imagine going to meet the stars in the sky when they were still unreachable? 

This object is simple, but has these riches in terms of construction: its ogive shape obtained thanks to curved slopes clipped and joined together by tiles. The whole thing is held together by an axle. The smoke is also an interesting design element and creates movement and life in this object: our dreams are not nailed to the ground, they are ready to take off!

The rocket, detachable from its base, can be a wonderful toy for children and together with the base, a beautiful collector's item to display for adults.


🔥 Com, check. Landing gear, check. Raise the ramp. Arm the thrusters. Three, two, one... launch!

🏁 Where would you go?


Physical informations
Total parts: 225
W4.4 · L4.4 · H13.9 inches
W11.2 · L11.2 · H35.4 centimeters