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AC Cobra 427


Ladies and Gentlemen, 

I'm glad to introduce one of the most prettiest and significant cars in the world's history - the legendary AC Cobra 427! 

For me this car has become a combination of dexterity and raw power in a seductive shell. 

I would like to emphasize the following features of the model: 

  • fabulous V8 engine to overclock your heartbeat 
  • huge shiny exhausts to outline your intentions 
  • special frame to protect hot-brains 
  • the elegance of forms vs. the angularity of lego 
  • uneven number of studs broadwise 

The total amount of bricks is ca. 1400. The scale is about 1:11, 17 studs wide and 50 long. 
Doors, trunk and hood can be easily opened if you want to investigate what's inside. Under the hood you will be welcomed with the roar of Ford FE 427. 

If you run an eye over this car, your soul will be immediately touched by the spirit of this very special vehicle. I hope that I've managed to deliver this idea with the help of Lego. 

I hope you have enjoyed the model. Thanks for your attention!

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