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Miitopia Inn

in this project we have an inn from the nintendo game "miitopia"
i made this set because miitopia is my favourite 3ds game "yes, i have the 3ds version of the game" this is going to be an official set because i want to see another set based on nintendo propriety /the first one is "super mario") and now i want to see a miitopia one

the set had:

five minifigures:
  1. the warrior
  2. the mage
  3. the cat
  4. the scientist
  5. the chef

five foods:
  1. fluffy marshmallow
  2. robojuice
  3. space food
  4. goblin ham
  5. cactus juice

five sprinkles:
  1. hp sprinkles
  2. mp sprinkles
  3. life sprinkles
  4. shield sprinkles
  5. hyper sprinkles

five beds, five mp candies, five hp bananas, a kitchen and one gate