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Village House


This Lego idea is inspired by rather old-fashioned children toy themes such as a house. These days, most of Lego sets is about Star Wars, DC & Marvel super heroes, Ninjago and other modern stuff. I think some children may miss something in today's Lego offering. Unlike current Lego sets, my "Village House" recalls the spirit of living close to nature, in peaceful and picturesque countryside. I think it may be meet expectations of both boys and girls.

The Village House set consists of:

1. Old hut of which back wall is easy to open (it is installed on hinges) and enables to look inside the hut - you see dining table there.

2. Small yard which you an enter through openable door from the hut. The yard is meant to store some stuff of everyday use.

3. Small stable inhabitated by 3 horses.

Tha minifigures are:

1. The owner of the house.

2. His wife.

3. Their servant and groom.


Thanks for viewing and supporting!

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