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Minecraft Swamp with Witch Hut and Pumpkins: Halloween!


Minecraft is a game made of virtual cubic blocks where players can explore and build. Terrain and objects are randomly generated and spawned. Minecraft has several biomes, one of which is the swamp biome.

Sometimes, a witch hut is generated in the swamp. My witch hut has many features of an authentic Minecraft witch hut:

  • a flowerpot in the window with a red mushroom in it
  • a cauldron
  • a crafting table
  • a balcony with fence railing
  • a partitioned back window
  • an overhanging wooden roof

There are three pumpkins scattered throughout the swamp, as well as two trees. Two micromobs are included: a witch and a skeleton. Witches spawn inside witch huts while skeletons can spawn anywhere. Both are hostile.

Underground, there is water and lava, as well as a few chests that the Minecraft player may have left behind. In one part of the underground, water flows into a lava pool to create obsidian! All of this follows the physical rules of the Minecraft world, with which all Minecraft fans are familiar.

This set can be split into four 6x6 quarters, and the above-ground part of each quarter is detachable. This set has 491 pieces.

I hope that one day, this idea will become a Lego product. If it does, it would be a great gift at any time, and especially Halloween!

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