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The Alpine Village

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This is a series of colorful miniature houses, hotels, and other miscellaneous buildings.

I've tried to create a theme which you might call "Alpine"... the kind of thing you might see in Switzerland. So steep roofs, wide eaves, simple color schemes, shuttered windows, clipped gable roofs, dormers, chimneys, and balconies.

I built many of these sets using Legos that belonged to my father, which he played with as a kid in the 1960s. You'll notice quite a few short shutters, tiny doors, etc. These are a bit to find these days!

Thanks a ton for your support!


This hotel is based on the turn-of-the-century grand hotels that were built in the United States at the major National Parks such as Glacier National Park. These lovely hotels were influenced by traditional swiss architecture as well as Arts & Crafts architecture, which was most popular through the 1920s.

Swiss Chalet
Based on classic Swiss chalet architecture, with clipped gabled roof, blue siding, white trim, yellow lattice balconies, and latticed gable windows. I want to live here! :)

Train Depot:
A classic train depot, typical of those throughout the American West. White siding with blue and red trim, brown shingled wainscoting, red gabled roof, hipped dormers, large balcony with arched supports and columns, brown lattice balconies. Oh, an a ticket window of course!

Dutch Windmill:
Classic Dutch windmill with large gear handle that rotates the whole top! Red hipped roof, white siding, red trim, stairs, and blue latticed blades, which really spin. Golly!

White Cottage
Simple cottage, a la country meadow.

Fanciful Swiss Chalet
This is a rather silly and fanciful Swiss-style house with a connecting lattice-railing causeway to an adjacent three-story "guest house". Large, deeply gabled roof with blue and white siding, yellow, blue, and white trim, short yellow shutters, stairways, small balconies, and many doors!

Blue Craftsman Bungalow:
Based on the classic American Craftsman bungalow, although this variety is two stories. Blue siding with white and red trim, black gabled roof with hipped intersecting roof, chimney, and even a covered garage for your motor car!

Red Victorian Bungalow:
Classic English bungalow, with gabled roof, hipped dormer, red siding, white shingle wainscoting, white trim. The address: number 7.

White Cottage
With yellow and red trim

Mid-Century Red and White Cottage
Typical of a slightly later era in residential architecture, namely the 1940s and 1950s.

Mock Tudor Cottage:
This house is based on the popular Mock-Tudor style homes of the turn of the century through the 1920s. It features a red roof, brown half-beam open gable sides, white siding, and red and blue trim, oh and a flat dormer window. And a chimney. Hooray please support me! :)

English Bungalow
This is a classic bungalow, with white siding, red and blue accents, and brown shingle wainscoting. Gabled roof with dormer window and decorative balcony. Oh boy!

Hawaiian Bungalow
Classic Craftsman bungalow, typical of those found throughout historic 1920s-era neighborhoods of Oahu. Open lanai (aka porch) hipped roof, petite hipped dormers, white siding, red trim, short blue shutters, and a chimney.

Yellow Cottage
A cottage very typical of those built in the 1920s and 30s in parts of Hawaii.

White Cottage
I call these Hawaiian cottages because of the distinctive band that wraps the entire house, painted in contrasting color. Very typical of cottages built in the 1920s and 1930s on Oahu.

Rear porch of Hawaiian Bungalow

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