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Uh Oh, Catastrophe!!

In Paris, France if you should stray
Down by the Place Du Marche
You'll meet two friends named Gaspard and Lisa

Hello!, Bonjour!!, i’m the narrator and i’m gonna to tell us the history of two best friends, they named Gaspard & lisa.

Years have passed, perhaps more than I imagined, but here we are, facing a project about 2 dogs who are best friends, who will always be there for each other and that no matter what happens they will be together because that is what friendship is all about. Gaspard & lisa is a series books created by Anne Gutman y Georg Hallensleben, they tell us the little adventures of these 2 friends on a day to day while they prove why they are the best of friends, they live in Paris in place Du Marche France, a very beautiful city with many things to tell us.

This idea consists of Gaspard & Lisa on a display that shows a piece of what Paris is like with the lanterns, maseras with that range of colors, the stone roads and the main ones, the best friends chasing the iconic yellow balloon from its remembered intro

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