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Classic Space- Galactic Expedition


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In 1978, LEGO introduced Classic Space. It ran for over 10 years, and to this day there are space sets that are influenced by it to some degree (Mars Mission's logo, MBA's Space Designer kit, etc). This set is the ultimate tribute to Classic Space. With 841 pieces, this ensures hours of fun. There's 15 minifigures (one of which is the Commander, clad in a metallic titanium suit), 9 vehicles, and a whole lotta robots. These are the ships: a transporter ship, a smaller ship, a miner, a satellite truck, the commander's personal jet, a small scout, a rover, a drill, and a mech.

There's also the base, where astronauts can go and relax, maybe fool around on the surprise I'll be telling you, track for titanium, maybe race to climb on the mountain, or anything that imagination desires.

"What's the surprise?!" you ask.

I was about to get to that. It's a little monorail system, inspired by ones on real Classic Space sets, and you can easily get from the computers to the launch pad and vice versa. It also lets the spacemen get themselves dizzy as an excuse to not mine for titanium. And guess what? The set even comes with an honorary spaceman statue!

So, do you like it or not? Well, if you do, why not support it? :p

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