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Modular Mini Golf


Mini Modular Golf (Playable)

This set consists of 739 pieces that build 7 modular stages,All the stages are interchangeable and customisable allowing for endless combinations.

The set is fully playable either with the two included minifigures and clubs,of palyed as finger golf.

On the corse is the tee off green with tee and bench,then is the windmill with working sails,then comes the bridge with water beneath ,if the ball falls in there then its back to the tee.

After the bridge comes the chicane,very tricky to negotiate ! straight after that yo need to avoid the bunker with fresh raked sand ready to stop your golf ball.

Then the epic river jump,your going to need to make sure your chip is on par to complete this obstacle ,your then going to be on the putting green,line up your shot and sink it in the hole.

you will be able to customise the whole corse to make it as easy or as challenging as possible.

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