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UCS A-Wing


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My Name is Ben and I was an original Lego space fan when I was a boy and recall a shopping experience where a Lego representative asked me if I would take a quick survey seeing that I had a Lego Space ship in the cart.  I said Sure! Here are the questions and My answers.

 1.  What was I there to buy that day?

My Answer:  A Lego Spaceship!

2.  If you were to buy another Lego product in the future what would it be?

My Answer: A Lego Spaceship!!

3. What would you like to see In upcoming Lego products?

My Answer:  Star Wars Lego Spaceships!!!

His reply to my Star Wars spaceship answer was: That would be a tough one because Star Wars was a licensed product they didn't  have the rights to produce. But that didn't mean it wouldn't happen one day!  I didn't really believe him because I didn't think they would make any more Star Wars movies or produce toys from an already 5+ year old movie trilogy either.  That was in 1987/88.

I know Benny has already got his own spaceship! Spaceship!! SPACESHIP!!! but he doesn't have a UCS A-wing yet and neither does anyone else So I built one for us! 

It is Approximately 19 inches long.  Has some unique building tricks inside and looks great next to the UCS X-wing, B-wing, Slave one and all the others as well.  Another unique thing about this A-wing is that it was built mostly (95%) with Brick wall parts from the local Lego Shop.  I tried very hard to make it look like the A-wing from Return of the Jedi and I believe It would make a great product for all to enjoy!


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