Product Idea

Sleeping Santa Claus

I love to make my own creations simply with Lego bricks and plates.

It is magic that Lego plates act as "cells" in my creations. With my technique ( I called it the " Studs in All Directions" ), complex Lego sculptures could be built.

This tiny Lego Santa Claus was made in the Christmas 2013. Its size is as small as an adult's fist. This is the third Lego Santa Claus I have created, and he is the one I satisfy the most. 

I forgot why I built a Santa Claus in sleeping state. However, I feel peaceful each time when I see him.

I want to share this feeling with you all. I am sure you will feel the magic if there is one on your hand. 

Although Christmas 2014 is approaching, this tiny Santa Claus will be on your hands in the next Christmas if you support my project !

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Schneider Cheung ( Schfio factory )