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Darth Maul:Lockdown


The Story

This is my first project on Lego Ideas and is based on the awesome book, Darth Maul: Lockdown. When I read this book I thought a Lego set should be made based on this epic book. I've decided to recreate the medical bay of the space prison, " Cog Hive 7", where many important events occur. This is the seen whan Darth Maul has to finally confront the dreaded WolfWorm, which manages to conceal itself in the walls of the prison itself. (I don't want to reveal any spoilers for those who would like to read the book.)Who will win? Will Maul defeat the gigantic WolfWorm? Or will the worm consume Maul and devourer his soul? You decide!

The Set

Ok, so now the set itself. I've manage to recreate a small portion of the medical bay. I have made it so you could adjust the model to put it a any angle you would like. As you can see in one of the other images, a portion of the wall can be knocked out for the WolfWorm to slither through toward Maul or any other unsuspecting victim. The medical bay consists of a small bed with a lamp hung over it along with some confusing looking medical apparatus things on the wall. There is also a small rack like thing on the far right corner that can hold medical tools. 

<font color="#4b4b4b" face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif">The Minifigs</font>

In the images I have only showcased two mini figures that will come in the set, a medical droid and prison Darth Maul.

  1. Med Droid-common Medical Droid mini fig, but with a long needle pice attached to its arm, witch is relevant in the book
  2. Prison Darth Maul- this Darth Maul was not custom. This prison garb is from a space police minifig, while his head is from the exclusive version of Maul.

I am planing to add a few more figures, if you have any suggestions, feel free to comment. I think this should become a set because it could help encourage people to read,and because this is an awesome book! Please support this set, thank you!!!

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